The First Major Android Tablet App? Wall Street Journal Tablet Edition

My first quick sloppy read of a press release from Dow Jones (which is the parent firm of the Wall Street Journal) didn’t indicate anything interesting. Then, I noticed the “Tablet Edition” part of the subject line.

Wall Street Journal Tablet Edition Now Available for Android

I asked Dow Jones if the app was designed with a reference Android tablet. The response was: The app is optimized for 7-inch tablets, which are starting to hit the market. I think we can safely assume this is a reference to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

While the app is free, a $3.99 per week subscription is required to gain access to its full content which includes WSJ newspaper articles, full-screen video, market data, customizable features, and the ability to save articles from sections for later or offline reading. Current subscribers of the WSJ newspaper can get full access to the apps content for an unspecified limited time. The $3.99 per week subscriptions seems reasonable for a daily newspaper with the stature of the Wall Street Journal. That works out to about 80 cents per issue.

I think, however, I would be more likely to subscribe if I could access WSJ’s content on any platform: Desktop, tablet, or phone.