The Fine Line Between These Pants and Next Year’s Hot Trend


As has been stated countless times before, this writer has little knowledge of fashion. Case in point, as he types this, he is wearing shorts and a t-shirt from an advertising promotion he helped put together for a product that no longer exists (now we’ve told you about ourselves, what are you wearing, dear reader?). But his lack of basic upkeep should not disuade you from following this link to a set of interviews over at PSFK’s fashion wing: “What Makes the Perfect Brand?” In a world as fickle and as nonsensical as fashion, it’s really interesting to hear what people in the industry thinks lasts from trend to trend and why. And while some of it is typical of that world, spending a few hundred words and not ever saying a single thing, there are some good chunks of knowledge in there, such as this, from Jo Phillips, the Creative Director at Cent Magazine:

A uniqueness to the design; I may seem to be stating the obvious but a signature is really crucial, what makes a customer buy your black trousers compared to somebody else’s? Think of somebody like Issey Miyake and instantly you can instantly visualize what the clothes could look like, the same with labels like Vivienne Westwood, Comme de Garcons or Versace all instantly conjure up an image. Although a lot of designers rely on their advertising campaigns to create a visual identity the best labels do this through their clothes. I wont be boring and bang on about the tribal elements of this but this does play a part in creating an identity.