The Financial Times‘ New Blogs… The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery Is Imitation.


The Financial Times is taking one from the New York Times playbook and upping their blog content. So much, in fact, that one of the FT‘s blogs sounds suspiciously like one of the Times‘. Hmm.

You see, the FT is launching a new blog by Tim Harford called “The Undercover Economist.” Harford also writes a column of the same name, which is currently syndicated over at Slate.

Harford bills his Slate column as “the economic mysteries of daily life.”

Hey… wait! We just realized — the New York Times recently acquired the Freakonomics blog, which covers “the hidden side of everything.”

The two sound, y’know, like they have a bit in common with each other. Or like one could even be the UK version of the other. Who would have thought?

Getting back to the remainder of the new blogs, the FT has purchased Maverecon and is also creating blogs for John Gapper and Clive Crook.