The Finale of Fashion Week Follies

Fashion Week concludes today, and by now, everyone involved feels it can end soon enough. The last lap kicks off this morning with the climactic runway showdown of the final three contestants of Bravo’s “Project Runway,” despite the fact that the show’s viewers aren’t yet aware who the three finalists are. (Our money is on Kara getting cut before the finals; she’s overdue.) And it will end tonight with the debut of Karl Lagerfeld’s new line in conjunction with his business partner Tommy Hilfiger, followed by “The Kaiser’s” appearance on Charlie Rose at 11 p.m. to participate in “A discussion about low-fat diets and disease prevention.” Lagerfeld famously lost 80 pounds on a crash diet said to involve horsemeat, and he has, of course, published his own book about his methods. According to The New York Times Magazine, “He also advocates fromage blanc and lobster, provides recipes for quail flambe and advises dieters to skip the gym, cautioning, ”Exercise runs the risk of making you hungry.” (Though, he writes, you can burn 130 calories an hour sewing, 280 playing piano and, vive la France, 260 shopping.)” We can’t wait.