The Final Word on Stanza’s Disappearance, No Word on A Lack of An iPad App

The mystery on Stanza’s disappearance yesterday was solved shortly after it started. But between mystery and solution, we emailed Stanza’s creator, Neelan Choksi, and we thought we’d share what he told us: “We’re not quite sure what happened. We reported the problem to Apple and fortunately it got resolved quickly. Bottom line, Stanza is back in the App Store again.”

So Apple was helpful and yesterday’s Stanza-vanishing was not evidence that Amazon had plans to bury Stanza.

But, one suspicious point remains: why there are no plans for a Stanza iPad app. We asked Choksi about this, too, and unsurprisingly, he had no comment and referred us to Amazon PR. We’ve followup up and we’ll let you know if anything comes of it.