The Final iPad Countdown Begins


iPad is coming on Saturday. That’s just five days from today. Can you remember when we were just speculating and wondering, when we’d desperately grasp at every tiny rumor like it was a drop of water in the desert. And then do you remember when Apple actually unveiled the iPad in January? How far we’ve come since then.

Whatever you think about the iPad–big iPod touch or the savior of publishing–it’s going to be a big deal. Apple’s already sold out it’s pre-orders, Amazon’s whipped up a really cool new version of the Kindle app, and everyone’s doing nothing but talking about the iPad.

Expect lots and lots and lots of iPad coverage here and elsewhere this week, and a tidal wave starting on Saturday. The official eBookNewser iPad is du at eBN HQ on Saturday, and we’ll get some video up ASAP. Happy iPad dreaming this week.