The Final Countdown

After nearly 24,000 votes, the polls at FishbowlDC’s 2006 Hottest Media Types Competition close at 5pm today, and we’re curious as to whether we’ll see an upset as shocking as that of an 18-year senator falling to “so what’s your name? Who are you with?

(We’re already hearing requests for another competition down the line: Hottest Press Secretary/PR person…we’ll mull it over)

Things could definitely start heating up, especially if the contest goes bicoastal, as it has in the Hottest Male, Off Air category, where the Sacramento Bee staff is pulling for their one time employee, J. Freedom du Lac.

The current standings:

Hottest Female, Off Air:

1. Hadley Gamble (strong, almost unexplainable sudden surge this morning)
2. Lila Merideth
3. Hillary Lefebvre

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Results here

Hottest Female, On Air:

1. Abbi Tatton (whose huge jump in the past 24 hours means one thing: You’re going to see one tired-looking Tatton on today’s “Situation Room”)
2. Suzanne Malveaux
3. Norah O’Donnell

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Results here

Hottest Male, Off Air:

1. John McCaslin
2. Josh Gross
3. Nick Gillespie

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Results here

1. John Hendren (coming back!)
2. Joe Johns
3. Scott Engler

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