The Fame Game: Smaller and Quicker on the Internet

microfame.jpgAccording to Rex Sorgatz’s article “The Microfame Game” over at there are five steps to getting famous on the internet:

    1. Self-publish
    2. Stylize
    3. Overshare
    4. Respond
    5. Ally
    6. Diversify
    7. Create Controversy
    8. Persist

Sound familiar anyone? (re: Step Three: “The Jedi Knight of the oversharing craft is Julia Allison”). Sorgatz himself has had some experience with this phenomenon, having found online fame after a run-in with “Prairie Home Companion” host Garrison Keillor.

A few years back I launched a T-shirt line with ironic slogans. One parodic shirt in particular apparently raised the ire of the Lake Wobegon creator: “Prairie Ho Companion.” It seemed funny to me, but a micro-scandal ensued when the cease-and-desist for trademark infringement arrived from Keillor’s lawyer. It created a silly blip on the Internet that day, followed by a couple of afternoons of online mayhem, as the story was picked up by Drudge, then Sullivan, then Kos, then Huffington. And then the mainstream media started to call.

That may not be the last time, according to Soragatz’s blog Fimoculous we may be seeing more of him over at, says Sorgatz “Over the past couple months, I’ve been working with New York Magazine to develop some stories related to internet media.” First rule of writing: write what you know!