The Facebook Productivity Suite?

As I mentioned in my last post, it is theoretically possible to run conferences using Facebook’s platform. Additionally, you can store your files using’s application, keep your calendar with 30 Boxes’ application, and according to Krishnan, there is the possibility of a Facebook office suite provided by Zoho. I could also envision integration of Basecamp to handle project management. Suddenly your Facebook profile could become the center of your business. Honestly, I am truly interested in trying this out on my next venture. While the concept of a startpage already exists, I haven’t found one that has been perfectly created. Perhaps I haven’t spent enough time browsing iGoogle.

For some reason the concept of a start page had not particularly attracted me until I thought of using it as a center of my business. Within weeks or months Facebook will rapidly have all of the functionality that all other start pages provide. Additionally they will have the power of a development team that is 40,000 strong. Is it possible to jam all of my necessary items (email, calendar, to-do list, teleconference, etc) onto one page? Maybe. What differentiates this service from other start pages? The people that you are connected with can all view your start page. This is different than most existing services. When everyone in my organization can drop by my profile, see my schedule, and what I’m working on, you are talking about a revolution in organizational infrastructure. This could be huge! My own personal goal is to try to make a Facebook profile as the center of my business. Let’s see how it works!