The Facebook Marketing Bible September 2011 Edition Is Now Available

The September 2011 edition of the Facebook Marketing Bible: The Comprehensive Guide to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook is now available.

The Facebook Marketing Bible has enabled thousands of marketers, social application developers, publishers, and entrepreneurs to navigate and get the most out of the increasingly sophisticated marketing opportunities on Facebook.

The web edition of the Facebook Marketing Bible is comprised of detailed resource pages, comprehensive how-to guides, and case studies analyzing today’s most successful marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Now that Facebook is nearing the 700 million monthly active user mark, there’s never been a better time to reach your target audience through marketing on Facebook.

The September 2011 edition includes updated coverage of the following topics:

  • Improving Your Facebook Page With Customized Tab Applications. We present a detailed breakdown of ten examples of brands doing innovative work with customized tab apps, and highlight what your business can learn from these top campaigns.
  • Gaining Fans with new Facebook features, “Merge Duplicate Pages” and “Invite Friends” to Gain Fans. Facebook has released new features that marketers should know about. These guides detail how to engage your Page’s most dedicated fans while growing your overall fan base.
  • How to Manage Critics, “Trolls,” and Spammers on your Facebook Page. How does Facebook change the rules of community management, and how can brands turn critics into positive opportunities for dialogue? We look at real examples and provide a step-by-step guide for Page admins.
  • How to Sync Your Facebook Page Updates With Your Twitter Profile — and Why You Shouldn’t. How do Facebook and Twitter differ, and when is customization needed? This guide compares and contrasts the unique strengths of each platform and shows you how to get the most from both.
  • Commenting for Facebook marketers, a guide that shows you how to make the most out of public, and highly visible, conversations with your fans on Facebook.
  • Bringing the storefront to your Facebook Page, a breakdown of key features for storefront applications that bring sales transactions directly to your Page.
  • Our guide to the Facebook Send button that details Facebook’s latest addition to its social plugins.
  • Facebook applications versus offsite integrations and what works best for marketing your business or brand.
  • Our detailed style and strategy guide to Facebook’s Like button that helps you identify the right design for your off-Facebook content site.
  • An overview of Graph API metatags and how they enable you to maximize the value of your implemented Like buttons.
  • Facebook Applications, Social Plugins, Connect and Instant Personalization — details on how to use the wide variety of options available for engaging Facebook users.
  • Updates to Facebook Questions, and how recent changes to this user-facing feature will affect your approach to brand marketing through this ‘no-cost’ channel.
  • Strategies to help you navigate Facebook’s recent major Page redesign, whether you’re representing a major brand, small business, or public figure.
  • Facebook’s expanding options for advertisers, and how any advertiser can get more from new features like Sponsored Stories, self-specified landing tabs, and more.
  • The latest featured Facebook’s campaigns that show you how other brands are testing Facebook’s evolving marketing opportunities.
  • New frontiers in brand and performance marketing on Facebook, including opportunities within social games.
  • Facebook Places and Deals, the company’s evolving location-based feature that presents new marketing opportunities for businesses both on and offline.
  • Facebook Groups, a new way for users to connect and collaborate with others who share their interests and affiliations, and new ideas for marketing with Groups on Facebook.
  • Facebook’s latest advertising guidelines updates and what they mean for advertisers throughout the ecosystem.
  • Audience growth and engagement, including best practices for holding on to fans, keeping marketing channels open, and re-engaging your audience on Facebook.
  • Plus, comprehensive walk-throughs of Facebook’s tools for advertisers, web content publishers, and Page administrators.

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