The Facebook Marketing Bible – October 2008 Edition is Now Available

The newly revised, expanded, and hot-off-the-press Facebook Marketing Bible: 38+ Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook – October 2008 Edition is now available!

The Facebook Marketing Bible has been purchased by hundreds of agencies, marketers, social application developers, entrepreneurs, and educators, and is the leading resource on Facebook marketing today.

The densely-packed Facebook Marketing Bible contains three detailed sections: Tools for Guerilla Marketers, Tools for Advertisers, and Tools for Application Developers. Each part outlines the best available channels and strategies for reaching your audience inside Facebook. Please see the full table of contents below.

The October 2008 edition includes updates on the following topics:

  • Fully updated for the Facebook redesign. Now that the “new” Facebook is upon us, new opportunities are available for marketers who desire to optimize their campaigns for the latest Facebook updates. Get the absolute latest and most detailed analysis of all the recent changes.
  • Details on new Facebook advertising opportunities. Last month, Facebook launched a new prominent “sponsored virtual gifts” ad unit on the home page. Find out how you can make the most of your Facebook ad dollars with details on every ad unit available inside Facebook.
  • The latest data on Facebook’s international growth, by country. Facebook continues to grow by leaps and bounds, adding 20 million new users in the last quarter alone. Find out more about where they’re coming from and where untapped international opportunities lie.
  • Current Facebook US demographic data. We have the latest gender and age breakdown numbers on Facebook’s 33 million US members.
  • The latest on viral channel changes. Facebook has made several important changes to the way application developers can use the News Feed in recent weeks. Get the latest on what’s possible – including new opportunities like the “status update source.”
  • Plus, updates on Facebook Platform ad networks, Facebook for iPhone, and more.

For those interested in learning more, click the purchase link above. The price is $49, or $59 with three months of free updates emailed directly to your inbox. As always, please make suggestions if you’d like to see more attention paid to any topic!

Table of Contents


I. Tools for Guerilla Marketers

1. Profile Page

2. Groups

  • Strategy: What about spamming existing groups?
  • SEO

3. Pages

  • Strategy: Groups and Pages are very similar. Which makes more sense?
  • Strategy: I’ve just created a Page. How do I promote it?
  • Group to Page Migration
  • Guidelines for Promoting Pages Outside Facebook
  • Official vs Unofficial Pages
  • Ways Page Owners Can Restrict Content for Underage Users
  • More Features Coming Soon

4. Events

  • Events API
  • Events SEO

5. Notes and Photos

6. Messages

7. Marketplace

8. Share / Posted Items

9. Mini Feed and News Feed

10. Feed Importing

> Data: Tracking Facebook’s International Growth by Country

> Data: Latest US Facebook Age and Gender Demographics

> Recommended Strategies for Guerilla Marketers

II. Tools for Advertisers

11. Social Ads

  • Summary of ad units available to Facebook advertisers
    1. Sponsorship Units on the New Facebook Home Page
      • Social Video Ads
      • Sponsored Virtual Gifts
    2. Advertising in the New Facebook News Feed
    3. Advertising on the Profile Page (and other pages)

12. Localization Opportunities

13. Integrated Opportunities

14. Beacon

  • Strategy: Should I try Beacon?

15. Polls

16. Facebook Platform Ad Networks

  • List of Leading Facebook Platform Ad Networks
  • What eCPMs do apps charge? Data from Facebook application developers

17. Facebook Platform Application Sponsorships

  • List of Leading Facebook Platform Sponsorship Resellers/Rep Firms
  • Strategy: Why sponsor applications when I can sponsor Facebook itself?

18. Sponsored Facebook Groups

> Recommended Strategies for Advertisers

III. Tools for Application Developers

19. Profile Box

  • Strategy: Where do most new application users come from?
  • 5 Things Developers May Not Know About the Facebook Redesign
  • Profile Integration: Tour of New Facebook App Settings

20. Application Tabs