The Facebook Marketing Bible: New and Improved for March 2012

The new Timeline format for Facebook pages brings new opportunities for marketers and advertisers on the platform. Optimize your Facebook page for the new format with the March 2012 edition of the Facebook Marketing Bible: The Leading Resource for Marketing and Advertising on Facebook.

In the March 2012 we cover new and emerging topics for marketers and advertisers, including Timeline for pages, the upcoming Recommendations Bar Social Plugin, and an analysis of the fluctuations of Facebook advertising rates.

In addition, this month we’ve launched a brand new website and content structure so you can find what you’re looking for faster. It’s mobile-friendly too, so you can read it on any smartphone or mobile device.

About the Facebook Marketing Bible

The Facebook Marketing Bible has enabled thousands of brands, app developers, content publishers and businesses of all sizes to do more with Facebook, from the basics of creating a successful fan page, to the complexities of social plugin integration on an off-Facebook website.

The Facebook Marketing Bible includes hundreds of pages of strategies, comprehensive how-to guides and case studies analyzing today’s most successful marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook. Take a tour of the Facebook Marketing Bible.

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