The Facebook Marketing Bible – February 2008 Edition is now available

Facebook Marketing Bible

Since we published The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook in December, interest from marketers and developers has been great. From Hollywood to Helsinki, new media marketing professionals, application developers, and even corporate and university staff have been asking for more a more detailed understanding of strategic options and tactical recommendations on how to implement Facebook campaigns to achieve their goals.

The Facebook Marketing Bible contains three key parts: Tools for Guerilla Marketers, Tools for Advertisers, and Tools for Application Developers. Each part outlines the best available channels for reaching your audience inside Facebook.

The February 2008 edition includes updates on the following topics:

  • Facebook MarketingFacebook in your language: Facebook’s foray into international markets, the launch of Facebook’s Translations, and what this means for application developers and marketers
  • New rules for News Feed Optimization: no more “passive” feed items, Facebook blocking feed items with the word “message” (and why Facebook will ban other words in the future), News Feed ranking changes for templated feed items for users without the app (and what this could mean for Facebook’s application philosophy in the future)
  • New rules for Invitation Optimization: Facebook’s new dynamic limits on invitations and notifications, and the new “Clear All Invitations” button
  • The implications of Facebook’s new profile box cleanup tool
  • The launch of Facebook’s JavaScript Client Library, and the potential for new kinds of Platform applications

For those interested in learning more, click the purchase link to right. The price is $49, or $59 with three months of updates emailed directly to your inbox. As always, please make suggestions if you’d like to see more attention paid to any topic!