The Facebook Marketing Bible – August 2008 Edition is now available

The newly revised, largely expanded, and hot-off-the-press Facebook Marketing Bible: 35+ Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook – August 2008 Edition is now available!

The Facebook Marketing Bible contains three detailed sections: Tools for Guerilla Marketers, Tools for Advertisers, and Tools for Application Developers. Each part outlines the best available channels and strategies for reaching your audience inside Facebook. Please see the full table of contents below.

The August 2008 edition includes updates on the following topics:

  • New data on Facebook’s international growth. Facebook has been exploding internationally throughout 2008. Get the latest data on where Facebook users are coming from in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and where opportunity may lie for marketers, advertisers, and developers.
  • Details on new ad units and opportunities for Facebook advertisers. With the Facebook redesign, the ad units available to advertisers have shifted. Find out the latest on what’s possible in the new design.
  • Implications of Facebook’s latest updates to its Platform policies. Facebook has implemented several new policies in recent weeks, and enforcing significant disciplinary action – one of the top applications was suspended from the Platform for over a week. Learn more about Facebook’s evolving philosophy toward Platform governance and what that means for the future of applications.The latest details on Facebook’s upcoming redesign. Updates on the new Wall, the new Publisher, the tabbed profile design, new application tabs, the Boxes tab, and apps on the Info tab. Plus, new settings for application profile integration.
  • Details on Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect, Facebook’s new program which extends Facebook connectivity to third party websites, launched in beta a few weeks ago and will go live this fall. Learn more about what this means for Facebook users and new opportunities for marketing application development across the web.
  • Information on Facebook’s new “Great Apps” and “Application Verification” programs. Facebook will be offering additional integration to apps that align with its core values starting this fall.
  • Plus, updates on Facebook Platform analytics providers, Facebook for iPhone and Facebook Connect for iPhone, and more.

For those interested in learning more, click the purchase link above. The price is $49, or $59 with three months of free updates emailed directly to your inbox. As always, please make suggestions if you’d like to see more attention paid to any topic!

Table of Contents


I. Tools for Guerilla Marketers

1. Profile Page
2. Groups

        • Strategy: What about spamming existing groups?
3. Pages
        • Strategy: Groups and Pages are very similar. Which makes more sense?
        • Strategy: I’ve just created a Page. How do I promote it?
        • Group to Page Migration
        • Guidelines for Promoting Pages Outside Facebook
        • Official vs Unofficial Pages
        • More Features Coming Soon

4. Events
5. Notes and Photos
6. Messages
7. Marketplace
8. Share / Posted Items
9. Mini Feed and News Feed
10. Feed Importing

> Data: Tracking Facebook’s International Growth by Country

> Recommended Strategies for Guerilla Marketers

II. Tools for Advertisers

11. Social Ads
        • Summary of ad units available to Facebook advertisers
12. Localization Opportunities
13. Integrated Opportunities
14. Beacon

        • Strategy: Should I try Beacon?
15. Polls
16. Facebook Platform Ad Networks

        • List of Leading Facebook Platform Ad Networks
        • What eCPMs do apps charge? Data from Facebook application developers

17. Facebook Platform Application Sponsorships
        • List of Leading Facebook Platform Sponsorship Resellers/Rep Firms
        • Strategy: Why sponsor applications when I can sponsor Facebook itself?

18. Sponsored Facebook Groups

> Recommended Strategies for Advertisers

III. Tools for Application Developers

19. Profile Box
        • Strategy: Where do most new application users come from?
        • 5 Things Developers May Not Know About the Upcoming Facebook Redesign
        • Profile Integration: Tour of New Facebook App Settings

20. Application Tabs
21. Application Info Sections
22. Designing Feed Stories

        • Strategy: Designing High Performance Feed Items
        • News Feed Optimization: Strategies and Techniques

23. Feeds 2.0
24. Feed Publisher

        • Publishing in the Feed with Feed Comments
25. Requests / Invitations
        • Policy Updates: Requiring Invites to Access Hidden Features, Offering Incentives for Invites, Ads on Profile Page Prohibited
        • Strategy: Facebook’s Evolving Approach to Platform Governance

26. Facebook Notifications
        • Chat Integration: Facebook Wants More Synchronous Notifications
        • Policy Update: Bulk Pre-Selection Prohibited

27. Email Notifications
        • Updates: Email’s Status as Core Application Marketing Channel in Doubt
28. Application Directory
29. Verification and Certification

        • Great Apps Program
        • Application Verification

30. Translations
        • Data: Stats on Facebook Apps Built for International Markets
        • Tutorial: Translating Your Applications Using Facebook’s Crowd-sourced Translation Service

31. Facebook Connect
        • Overview: Integrating Facebook Connect with Your Website
        • Related: Google Friend Connect

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32. Analytics Tools
        • List of Leading Third-Party Facebook Platform Analytics Providers
        • New Metrics for Developers with Facebook Profile Redesign

33. Search Engine Optimization
34. Mobile

        • Facebook for iPhone and Connect for iPhone
35. Customer Service

> Poll: Which viral channels do Facebook users hate most about apps?

> Recommended Strategies for Application Developers