‘The Eye’ Has It: Lionsgate To Offer iTunes Version with DVD

In a move that gives consumers more choice in how and where to watch movies, Lionsgate is beefing up some DVD releases to include an iTunes-compatible version of the movie, BetaNews reports.

Folks who buy these special DVDs can put the disc into a computer and enter the code that came with it. As long as they have an iTunes account, the software will download the iTunes Digital Copy into their iTunes library. Users can then play the file back on the PC or Mac or watch it on TV if they have an Apple TV box.

According to PC World, the studio will offer smaller copies of the movies so users can transfer them to an iPhone.

The first flicks to embrace the new format are “Rambo” and “The Eye,” both due out later this year. The iTunes Digital Copy will be included on both the Blu-ray and standard DVD releases.