The eXiled Posts Urgent Call for Cash

Fishbowl LA-favorite and one of the few remaining bastions of alternative journalism in America, let alone Southern California, The eXiled is in deep financial trouble after a legal dustup with the conservative think tank the Rutherford Institute.

The site just posted an immediate call for donations to help keep it afloat.

We’ve been on this career-suicide mission since our humble eXile beginnings in Russia, and we don’t know how to stop: Career-suiciding our way through the wonderful and frightening world of war-spotting with the “War Nerd” Gary Brecher; Running career-suicide missions against the Koch brothers and their libertarian organ-grinder monkeys long before anyone else even knew their names; testing out new innovative forms of Market-Based Invective® on human guinea pigs ranging from Dick Cheney lapdogs and neo-Confederate cross-chuckers to Daily Show Democrats and loathsome Hollywood liberals. We’ve been holding up our end of the bargain. And we’re ready to ramp it up to new levels. But we can’t do it for free.

Anyone who loves hardcore investigative journalism with a fuck-you edge should donate here.