The eXiled Launches Media Transparency Project

Political journos beware. The eXiled just announced it’s launching a media transparency project “to expose corrupt shills and corporate trolls among political journalists and bloggers in the US.”

For those unfamiliar with The eXiled, allow us to give you a brief primer–takedowns of journalists they consider hacks or co-opted in any way are the site’s specialty. Whether throwing a pie filled with horse sperm in the face of New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief Michael Wines for his shameless Putin apologism, or their recent investigation into Malcolm Gladwell’s shilling for big tobacco, the site is as vicious and unforgiving as they come.

Writes Team eXiled:

Our computers are bulging with files on corrupt publications, bloggers and journalists, and it’s time to get it all out in the open. We’re going to launch a separate website, and a slick corporate troll tracking platform to do it. The blogosphere has a very short memory, allowing blog pundits to hide from their past shilling campaigns. But not anymore…

We will go after the usual pro-corporate/business bloggers posing under the fake ideology of libertarianism and the utterly corrupted religious and right-wing media. But most importantly, we are going to expose the wolves in the progressive henhouse.

Obviously their timing couldn’t be better, with 2012 election hackery just getting warmed up. Should be fun.