The Exciting New Game for the Nintendo Wii: “Patents: Court or Settlement!”


Some news this weekend from the world of video gamer-y. You know that Nintendo Wii thing that just came out with the cool controlled that makes you have to dance around in your living room? Turns out it might not be of their own invention. A California company, Interlink Electronics, is claiming that they held a patent on the design of the controller, particularly with the trigger mechanism, long before the Wii came out. Here’s some:

Interlink’s “Trigger Operated Electronic Device” patent (no. 6,850,221), filed in September 1997 and issued February 1, 2005, describes an “ergonomically effective mouse for operating a computer.” The patent also reads, “This invention relates to a trigger operated electronic device. In particular, it concerns a mouse for operating a cursor in a computer system.”