The Evolution Of Journalism

Slate Group‘s John Alderman, DC Magazine‘s Karen Sommer Shalett, AP‘s Steve Komarow and Politico‘s Jonathan Martin kindly took part in a surprisingly-candid discussion about the future of journalism before a packed house of more than 70 media professionals last night at K Street Lounge.


Some things we learned:
– The vast majority of attendees do not have a newspaper delivered to their doorstep every morning. Roughly 20% do.
– Less than half of AP‘s revenue is from print publications.
– The chap with the British accent really really loves The Economist.
Politico is “a website that happens to have a newspaper” [which accounts for the majority of its revenue].
– Good journalists are no safer with a “big name” publication than they are with a start-up.
– It’s okay to check your blackberry while participating in a panel discussion.
– Steve Komarow knows what a Teletype Machine is and how to use it.

Mischa Bergeron hosted. Photos courtesy Lynn Romano. Thanks again to our panelists and to everyone who came out to the event! More photos …