The Eugene Meyer Award Winners Announced

From the Post’s Bo Jones:

    The Eugene Meyer Award winners for 2006 are Tom Boswell, Ellen Gerhard, Tony Kornheiser, Roddy MacPherson and Mike Wilbon. The Award is given each year to Washington Post employees who over an entire career have displayed the business or journalistic qualities relied on by Eugene Meyer in building this newspaper.

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    Tom Boswell

    , Sports columnist, joined The Post as a part-time copy aide in 1969. He became a sports reporter in 1972 and a columnist in 1983. Since then he has written columns with great versatility, providing commentary on live events and a variety of sports. During post-season baseball and major golf tournaments, he illuminates events almost as they occur. For over 20 years, and no less so today, he has had a large fan base, devoted to his eloquent, thoughtful, timely writing, among the best in the business.

    Ellen Gerhard

    , outside sales representative in Advertising, started at The Post as a part-time Classified telephone sales representative in 1978. She left to raise children and in 1992 was rehired into Classified. Since 1995, she has excelled in the Travel category. Her success with small and mid-size advertisers has brought The Post not only revenue but readership for Sunday Travel, Wednesday Escapes and Express. Her knowledge of the travel industry, combined with a clear focus on sales planning and execution, has enabled her to perform at a consistently high level for the newspaper and

    Tony Kornheiser

    , Sports columnist, came to The Post from the New York Times in 1979 as a Sports and Style writer. For more than 20 years he wrote funny, perceptive topical columns and features for both sections. As his broadcast career expanded, he has continued to write in Sports for his many loyal readers and has contributed on His support of The Post has never wavered. His writing and personality are a special asset of the newspaper’s Sports pages.

    Roddy MacPherson

    is Springfield assistant plant manager. He began as a junior press operator in 1975 and quickly rose to crew chief. In 1980, he was promoted to pressroom foreman in the Springfield plant. Later he became lead foreman on the day shift and then superintendent of the Springfield pressroom. As special projects manager during most of the 1990s, he played a key role in planning the new press project and in selecting and installing the Mitsubishi presses. He became assistant plant manager in College Park in 2000 before transferring back to Springfield in 2001. His technical skills, creativity and high standards have contributed greatly to Production’s outstanding record.

    Mike Wilbon

    , Sports columnist, was a summer intern in 1979 and returned in 1980 as a two-year intern. The following year he became a reporter, then in 1990 he began as a columnist, writing several columns a week as well as game stories. In recent years he has managed to juggle his television work with his columns, never failing the newspaper. He has been a pillar of the Sports section with his stories, opinions and crisp deadline writing. His commentary on players, team dynamics, trends and social changes has powerfully engaged Post readers and the national sports public.