The Etiquette of Being Laid Off

With so many layoffs happening these days it’s easy to get caught up in numbers and maybe forget sometimes about the actual experiences of the people being laid off. Over at Morning Delivery Bill Lucey is comparing the “Gestapo tactics” of his own layoff in July with more recent ones at the Cleveland Plain Dealer where the editor notified all 27 of her employees personally.

It certainly was more professional than the way I was informed at the end of July; which involved being tapped on the shoulder by an assistant managing editor; she walked 30 feet ahead of me, while we marched up to the Human Resources Department; and before I knew it — I was being ushered to the exit doors by a security guard like I was a common criminal.

Lucey points out that as the layoffs continue there is an increased interest in how they are being handled (he also mentions that the American Journalism Review is conducting a survey). If you have any stories of your own feel free to share them with us.