The Environment Was Top-of-Mind for Facebook Users in August

Cabin, climate change and wind turbine were all Topics to Watch for the month

Conversation about wind turbine was up 8.8 times year-over-year Imagvixen/iStock

Facebook users were all about the outdoors and the environment in August, as research arm Facebook IQ listed cabin, climate change and wind turbine among its Topics to Watch for the month.

Women 50 and older were the driving force of conversation about cabin and associated topics boats, deck, Alaska, yacht, cruiser, sauna, bedroom, swimming Pool and HVAC in August, as it was up 2.7 times versus August 2018 and 0.8 times compared with July.

Facebook IQ wrote, “It’s never been cooler to go camping. We’ve seen the rise of glamping, a form of camping that includes modern luxuries and exotic abodes, like yurts. And now, cabins are trending, as people find a range of modern options to escape to. A new cabin designed in conjunction with a similar model that’s fit for Mars is gaining buzz: It’s 3D-printed, made of sustainable materials and will be available as a getaway right outside New York once construction is complete. New online platforms are making it easier than ever for people to book tiny properties, like cabins nestled in the woods. These little getaways seamlessly blend classic camping, like bonfires and grills, with modern elements, like air conditioning, heat and plumbing. As people’s lives get busier and more stressful, nature can be a welcome escape, and modern cabins make it easier than ever to enjoy the beauty and benefits of the outdoors.”

Facebook IQ
Facebook IQ

Conversation about climate change and associated topics greenhouse gas, carbon, natural environment, climate, Arctic, Norway, global warming, rainforest, wildfire and U.S. was up 5.5 times year-over-year and 1.5 times month-over-month, with two disparate age groups leading the charge: 18 through 24 and 65-plus.

The social network’s research arm wrote, “Climate change is a growing topic of conversation, as new studies have predicted that it will have profound effects on communities around the world in the coming years. With this in mind, people are exploring the steps they can take to help protect the planet. They’re embracing biodegradable products and pushing brands to do the same. Many are making dietary changes, including a common one called “Meatless Monday,” which allows people to maintain their typical diets with the exception of one day per week. As environmental concerns mount, people are looking into how they can protect themselves and future generations from the effects of climate change, as well as reduce their own carbon footprints.”

Facebook IQ
Facebook IQ

Facebook users pulled into the drive-in last month, as drive-in theater saw conversation rise 1.3 times compared with last August and 0.5 times versus July, evenly spread across both genders and all age groups.

Associated topics included cars, Indianapolis, Mendon (Mass.), double feature, movie theater, Adam Sandler, Toy Story, The Lion King, Memphis (Tenn.) and film.

Facebook IQ wrote, “Retro is in, and drive-in theaters are making a comeback. While thousands of drive-in theaters existed across the U.S. decades ago, there are only a few hundred locations now. These theaters are having a resurgence as people seek out nostalgic experiences. Many drive-ins serve up a classic experience, with older movies and popcorn. Others have adapted their tactics, showing new releases and offering locally sourced foods, cocktails and beer. Going to the movies is coming back into style, and drive-in theaters are giving people a chance to feel nostalgic while supporting businesses in their local communities.”

Facebook IQ
Facebook IQ

Facebook users took a bite out of kielbasa and associated topics potatoes, pierogi, sauerkraut, casserole, cabbage, sausage, cheese, beef, onion and cooking, driving August discussion up 2.9 times year-over-year and 1.4 times month-over-month.

Women paced the discussion, particularly those 18 through 24 and 50 through 64.

Facebook IQ wrote, “A Polish staple, kielbasa is a type of meat sausage that can be incorporated into soups, stews and sandwiches. It’s often paired with cabbage. This specific type of sausage is growing in popularity, as new groups discover the versatility of kielbasa. And as plant-based varieties also hit the market, more audiences are discovering the unique flavor profile and construction of this Polish classic.”

Facebook IQ David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.