The Envelope: Writing While Blonde


The LA Times Envelope section has a piece by Elizabeth Snead that just flat-out makes no sense. The headline reads:

Dyeing to win an Oscar?
Blonde actresses go dark to land award-worthy roles.

And here’s the first paragraph:

First Lindsay Lohan crossed over. Then Britney Spears followed. Now Cameron Diaz is into it.

In what parallel universe does Snead dwell? ‘Cuz there’s no way on this earth that any member of that triumverate is getting an Academy Award nomination soon.

The rest of the piece is equally fluffy, as she mentions Brittany Murphy as another actress fiddling with her hair, and leaves out the one person who could have proved her point: blonde Reese Witherspoon, who turned brunette for her role as June Carter Cash and won an Oscar. Of course, Charlize Theron stayed blonde, got really fat and won. Not much of a trend, however.

If this sort of non-story is part of the Times’ master plan to “own entertainment“, they’re not even renting.