The English Have Such a Delicious Sense of Humor

PatrioticBombshellPinUpGirlTattoo.jpgOh the British and their sense of humor. MenuPages relayed to us this fun little diddy: Seems as though last week over at the NYT Freakonomics blog Stephen Dubner (the book’s author) may have had his mind a bit in the gutter. According to the story, in a July 8 post Dubner called out the Economist for a perceived spelling mistake.

Consider this lead from a recent article about a huge Mexican mining company called Fresnillo, which was recently listed on the London Stock Exchange: In the hills north east of Mexico City it is not uncommon to find Cornish pasties for sale….They meant to write “pastries” but, considering that miners work really hard, they might also be hoping to encounter the kind of people who go shopping for pasties.
As it turns out, the Economist meant what it said; they were, in fact, referring to the meat-filled British turnovers known as a Cornish Pasty. And just to make sure Dubner never confused the two again, generous folk that they are, they sent Dubner the real thing in the mail. After this we intend to keep a sharp eye out for any perceived “whiskey” misspellings.