The Elusive Zebra-Bearded Gary Baseman


After a glitzy opening in Culver City last Saturday, the Charity By Numbers event that we touted here is still going full-force. The show remains up until tomorrow, when the online auction also closes (and some of the pieces are well over a grand so you can stop counting your milk money right now). At the packed reception we congratulated co-organizer Gary Baseman on the tremendous success of the show, but it seems one LA Weekly writer in attendance just couldn’t connect:

I want to talk to Baseman about it. I try pushing my way through the throng, but I can’t get to him–he is surrounded by well-wishers. I catch a glimpse of zebra beard, but after half an hour of standing around, I realize that’s the closest I’m going to get tonight. I grab one last canape and head into the night, quietly cursing Gary Baseman. Sometimes, you know, it’s possible to have too many friends.

Hmmm, maybe he was talking to us? We had him cornered at the top of the stairs for a bit. Or maybe she couldn’t see over “The Office” creator Stephen Merchant, whose head floated above the crowd like a balloon. Dude, he is at least seven feet tall.