The Elderly May Require More Protein than Previously Thought

I am happy to share this overview brought to you by Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc. This cutting-edge nutritional company is reacting to the research that older women may require a larger amount of protein than originally thought. This issue has come to light recently, with various studies revealing the benefits of added protein in elderly people’s diets. Iovate examines the notion here.

A study performed by Megumi Tsubota-Utsugi of the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Japan revealed that the elderly are experiencing a decline in the functions of their bodies because they may not be getting enough animal proteins. After studying 1,007 people who were in their late sixties, it was revealed that men, who typically ate more animal proteins, had a 39 percent decreased chance of experiencing problems. Iovate finds these results intriguing.

Another recent study revealed that women specifically could benefit from adding 29 percent more animal proteins to their diet. As nutrition science professor Wayne Campbell explains on the University of Purdue website, “Our data suggests that the current dietary protein requirement estimate may be too low and reinforces that more research is needed to identify accurate protein amounts for older adults.”

Protein tissue makes up about 30 percent of whole body protein turnover; however, that rate is reduced to about 20 percent or less by age 70. “A high percentage of elderly folks who break a hip or suffer a major injury never get out of bed again, and one of the major reasons is that they rapidly lose so much muscle mass and strength they physically can’t get up,” Douglas Paddon-Jones, a professor at UTMB tells Medical News Today. Thus, consuming adequate amounts of protein is vital for the, continued function of the body in everyday life. Iovate finds this an interesting conclusion.

As one personal trainer who specializes in nutritional counseling explains to Philadelphia magazine, “Protein plays a starring role in how muscles recover from exercise. It repairs the damage to muscle fibers and formulates new proteins for muscle growth while replenishing energy.” These added benefits, Iovate explains, could help contribute an individual’s fitness goals.

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As a leader in the sport nutrition industry, Iovate understands the importance of protein in the diet. Iovate stresses that protein should be a vital component of every woman’s diet.

Ryann Carlson contributed to this article.