The Economy’s Improving. Where Are Your Workers?

Here’s a startling fact for you HR types and recruiters: More than half of employed Americans are planning to look for a new job when the economy turns around, according to a new survey from Harris Interactive on behalf of the Adecco Group. This means that the most serious threat to companies in the recession may be the recession’s end.

“Employers could see an unprecedented exodus of talent when the job market rebounds,” Adecco reports.

Gen Y is the most outta-there, with 71 percent of workers between 18 and 29 saying that they’re at least somewhat likely to look for a new job when the upturn starts.

Other findings from the survey:
More workers over 60 are delaying retirement now (44%) than six months ago (33%).
Fewer workers in total (22%) are saving money as a cushion for potential unemployment. This is down from 24 percent six months ago, when the last American Workplace Insights Survey was conducted.