The Economist, PBS NewsHour Launch The Economist Film Project to Showcase Independent Documentaries

The Economist and PBS NewsHour teamed up on The Economist Film Project, a Web site that will showcase independent documentary films from around the world.

The Economist Film Project will accept submissions on a rolling basis starting Jan. 10 and running through Jan. 2012, and at least three winners per month will appear on the site, alongside related articles from The Economist, as well as airing on PBS NewsHour and being presented on Hulu and YouTube.

From The Economist Film Project’s About page:

The Economist Film Project is an initiative by The Economist, in partnership with PBS NewsHour, to showcase independent documentary films from around the world. From Abu Dhabi to Albuquerque, from astronomy to agriculture, the project will showcase films that offer new ideas, perspectives, and insights that not only help make sense of the world, but also take a stand and provoke debate. Segments from selected films will appear in a national primetime feature airing regularly on PBS NewsHour through 2011-2012.

The Project seeks submissions of completed documentary films on a rolling basis beginning Jan. 10, 2011, and continuing monthly through January 2012. Both documentary shorts and feature-length films may be submitted. One six- to eight-minute film or film segment will be selected and aired on PBS NewsHour, with at least three films featured each month. Segments will receive additional exposure through various outlets, including this Economist Film Project Web site; The Economist‘s YouTube channel and Facebook fan page; and the PBS NewsHour Web site, YouTube, and Hulu channels. Our goal is to showcase the selected segments, films, and filmmakers as broadly as possible.