The Economist Espresso Offers Bite-Sized Dose of Daily Global News

economistespressoAt the end of last week, weekly global news publication The Economist announced a new offering called The Economist Espresso. Designed to be a snapshot of the day’s most important news in business, politics and finance, the magazine is releasing the daily briefing via iPhone or Android smartphone apps.

As the mag’s editors wrote on their blog, the Espresso app is The Economist‘s first go at daily news in its 171-year history. They say reading the whole thing shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes in the morning and there are no links required to get the whole story. Editions for the Americas, Asia and Europe will be created by the pub’s editors each day.

screen322x572Espresso is another stab at the recent media embrace of daily briefing apps and email newsletters. Yahoo News Digest is an app that delivers twice-daily news briefings, and the much-discussed NYT Now app is another take on news briefing app, rounding up the paper’s original work and aggregated headlines from around the web. BuzzFeed is said to have a news app in the works, but it’s not clear how the app will deliver information specifically. Still, The Economist is geared toward a different type of news consumer, so I can certainly see how Espresso could be a welcome offering to a regular Economist reader’s morning routine.

Although the first month of Espresso is free for non-subscribers, access after that will cost $3.99/month. Click here to order the app on Apple and Android.

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