The Economist Endorses Hillary Clinton

"The choice is not hard."

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 8.30.10 AMThe Economist is the latest magazine to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. At this point it might easier to count the magazines that haven’t expressed support for her.

“The choice is not hard,” explained The Economist’s editorial. “The campaign has provided daily evidence that Mr. Trump would be a terrible president.”

After listing a few of the many reasons why Trump would be a disastrous president, The Economist explained why Clinton deserves her shot.

“Our vote, then, goes to Hillary Clinton. Those who reject her simply because she is a Clinton, and because they detest the Clinton machine, are not paying attention to the turpitude of the alternative. Although, by itself, that is not much of an endorsement, we go further. Mrs Clinton is a better candidate than she seems and better suited to cope with the awful, broken state of Washington politics than her critics will admit. She also deserves to prevail on her own merits.”