The eBook Wars Are Heating Up In Australia

This has been an exciting week for eBooks in Australia. First, Apple signed on a number of major publishers brining thousands of eBooks to the iBookstore in Australia.

Then Borders announced that they would carry the new Kobo Wireless eReaders and Hachette Australia said that they would sell eBooks through the agency model.

Now Borders is running a sale on its eBooks to compete with Amazon and the iBookstore in Australia.

Teleread has more: “Due to the “old publishing” paradigm of geographical restriction, Borders in Australia can’t formally guarantee to beat Amazon’s price on ebooks, as they do (incl. postage) with paper books. However, a quick check of reveals that they are selling most books cheaper than Amazon.”

This growing competition is Australia is starting to look a lot like the eBook wars that we are seeing among these retailers here in the U.S.