The Easiest to Use and Best Free Website Builder Ever?

webnodeEven some of my most sophisticated connections don’t have the slightest idea on how to build a simple Website. Even though I have limited design/backend experience, I always seem to be the guy people contact to help them build up their Web presence.

I have an announcement: I am officially retired as a Web designer. But fear not, dear readers, friends, family and colleagues! WebNode can do it better that I could – and just like me – they’ll do it for free!Website template builders are nothing new, but there aren’t enough words to tell you how impressed I am with the simplicity of Webnode. Regardless of your technical aptitude, everyone can create good looking Websites that are packed with features.

You start by choosing one of 40 templates. If you are proficient in HTML, you can customize and tweak to your heart’s content.

Add a name, slogan and the number of pages you’d like, and you’re in business. You can build, edit or change the layout of your Web pages by utilizing straightforward drag and drop functionality.

Whether you just want a Web-based calling card or a full-blown Web 2.0 destination, Webnode has you covered. Drop in widgets that enable Video, maps and photo sharing. or, utilize Paypal for an e-commerce Website.

Included in the free package is 5GB of bandwidth, 100MB of storage and 1GB of e-mail. These amounts can be increased for a nominal fee.

Detailed analysis and reports of your website including page hits and unique visitors is built in. However, simple snippets – such as that provided by Google Analytics – can be added.

DNS changes are possible so that Webnode URLs can point directly to your dot com.

Check it out and leave your thoughts below.

Here’s a full list of available features:

* Web 2.0 technology
* Real-time interactive editing
* Drag-and-drop technology
* Gadgets and widgets
* Bookmark and tagging
* Multiple file upload
* On-line document editing
* Free hosting
* Use your own domain
* More than 40 free templates
* Import a custom template
* Automatic SEO
* Articles
* Polls
* Discussion forums
* Dynamic lists
* E-commerce
* Site map
* Photo galleries
* Full-text searching
* Website statistics
* Webmail