The Dumbing Down of National News

Admittedly, I adore “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. It’s not because I need some Cliffs Notes version of what’s happening in the world around me. I’m a hack-turned-flack. I have a voracious appetite for the media, as should most PR professionals.

Rather, I greatly appreciate this show because they are able to stand on a national platform and give a mighty middle finger to all networks — from the tightest, butt-cheek clinching conservative in FOX News to the uber-leaning forward, bleeding-heart liberal in MSNBC. It’s like the industry in which we find ourselves.

And then there is ridiculous trend CNN is trying to make trend worldwide, as noted below.

Life is more illuminated when you can see it from all sides, not just your propaganda-filled, dimly lit side. Healthy debates, constructive criticism, open conversation — these are aspects of American society that has dumbed down Americans. Why? Those things rarely happen anymore.

It happens in a PR brainstorming with those spiteful Debbie Downers who shoot down ideas before they make it to the whiteboard. It happens in politics, as seen in…well, daily. And now it’s happening on the national news, which is adroitly captured by the genius writers at “The Daily Show.” If this is the future of news, give me the “Good Ol’ Days” anytime.