The Dumb, The Vain, And The Mean

We knew it was only so long until we, like every other gossip blog on the internets, wrote about Radar’s re-launch. Luckily for us, they’ve actually gone and done something interesting so we didn’t have to write about stupid stuff.

NYDN’s Lloyd Grove reports today on the magazine’s new list of “TV’s Dumbest, Meanest and Vainest Anchors.” The “secret industry poll” of television agents, on-air personalities and producers, will run in the magazine’s premier issue, and hands CNN a decisive win for dumbest, meanest, and vainest network.

Three of its anchors (Paula Zahn, Rick Sanchez and Heidi Collins) made the “dumb” category, one (Aaron Brown) made the “vain” category, two (Lou “Mexicans are pouring across our borders” Dobbs and Jeff Greenfield) won the “mean” moniker. Greenfield defended himself in the Lowdown column, saying the 13-year-old incident cited (actually while he was at ABC) where he screamed at an underling was “bad behavior” but “it was a useful lesson, and I’d like to think I’m not the same guy.”

The Peacock network took the silver with three mentions: “Dumb” “Today” show newsreader Ann Curry, “Vain” “Dateline” correspondent Victoria Corderi, and “Dateline” anchor Stone Phillips, who inexplicably got “not as dumb as you think.” That last one might even be a good thing, but it’s hard to tell.

CBS News (Lara Logan, “dumb”), Fox News (Linda Vester, “not as dumb as you think”) and Washington’s ABC affiliate (Joe Witte, “The Dumbest Weatherman”) each get a single mention, Grove reports.

Personally, we think there are some noticable absences from this list, but we’re not “industry experts.” Nevertheless, anyone who wishes to nominate an over-looked recipient should email us or use the tip box.

In response to the list, Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti told Grove: “We wish Radar the best on yet another relaunch.” (Read David Folkenflik’s great article for more on Fox’s habit of “wishing well” to people they wish ill.)