The Dress Isn’t Gold and White…YET

This is our requisite dress aggregation post.

We can debate which “brands” made the best dress jokes, whether the dress distracted from the most important news of the day (which involved llamas, duh), and whether it served as the definitive sign that all digital media outlets are blurring together under a BuzzFeed-branded umbrella.

However, we can all agree that the event was a huge, completely “organic” PR win for Roman Originals, makers of the dress in question (which is DEFINITIVELY black and blue, Contrarian Brian Morrissey):

Mashable contacted the British company, which was of course overwhelmed by all the (completely unearned, completely undeserved) attention. A spokesman said:

“Not since Black Friday have we seen sales like this. We are thinking about making a gold and white version. We already do it in other colours. We could do it quickly, but it has to go through quality assurance.”

So the folks at Roman Originals and Cates Holderness — the BuzzFeed editor who found the tumblr post that launched this colored cacophony — will be drinking liberally this weekend.

You can skip all the “thinkpieces” about what #TheDress means, which is that all the money and media planning and outreach in the world can’t predict or effectively monetize “virality.”

The most amusing part of the follow-up from a comms perspective comes from Hunter Walker of Business Insider; he spoke to the Scottish singer who originally posted the picture and the talent agent whose tumblr fan page hosted it. The basics:

  • Sarah Weichel is a publicist repping YouTube influencers
  • Singer Caitlin McNeill created a tumblr page paying tribute to her
  • McNeill posted the picture of the dress on that page, which is where Holderness found it
  • Weichel was completely unaware of McNeill, the page, and the dress…until now, of course

This has been our requisite dress aggregation post. Now let’s move on to another topic, please.