The Doubtful Guest Heading for Big Screen


Edward Gorey must be spinning like a top. The author/illustrator’s estate, the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust has agreed to a live-action version of The Doubtful Guest to be directed by Brad Peyton from a script by Michael Huffman with the full scale mauling to be handled by the Jim Henson Company.

Tim Burton would have been the perfect director, but Lisa Henson must be looking for ancillary merchandising opportunities, and not art.

Andreas Brown, owner of the Gotham Book Mart & Gallery in New York City, was one of the executors of the estate, and is an administrator of the Trust. The Doubtful Guest is now 50 years old, and an new exhibit will open in mid-April at Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth, Mass.

Cross your fingers and hope Jim Carrey doesn’t get within 500 feet of this project.