Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison

There will certainly be a toast or two raised in LA on Wednesday to Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, on the occasion of his posthumous 67th birthday. But the real fun looks to be had in Sydney, Australia, where a free verse poetry book celebrating the spirit of the Lizard King is set to be launched on the hallowed anniversary date.

For starters, the event is being hosted at the Captain Cook Hotel by Dr. Guy Debelle, Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia and self-professed Doors fan. Picking up where the band’s hybrid 1978 album “American Prayer” left off, the 100-page book by award-winning crime novelist Wayne Grogan definitely sounds as trippy as Morrison would want it to be.

Per the official website:

Jim Morrison Jesus Complex takes him seriously as an earnest traveler through the “dark night of the soul” – acknowledging the touchstones and human inconsistencies throughout his published writings, both song lyrics and poetry…

Various prominent groups have directed perceptions of him for their own purposes. At the small-minded end of the spectrum, for instance, southern evangelists in the USA clad Morrison up as a Satanic instrument… With 2011 marking the 40th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death, it’s time to reassess the legacy of his life – and let the positive myth-making begin.

This ebook is the first title to be published by new Australian imprint Deep Line Books. Not a bad way to get the literary party started.