The Donald is Full of Heart for Limbaugh and Stern

We got our hands on a snippet of an upcoming profile on possible presidential hopeful Donald Trump coming out Monday by Human Events Editor Jason Mattera. From the looks of it, it’s going to have a lot of heart.

And there are all kinds of hearts. Big hearts. Great hearts. Very big hearts. Did we mention heart? Because in just the short excerpt, The Donald, apparently a solid believer in God, uses the word three times to describe men the author obviously admires. They are radio shock jocks Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.

Mattera, known for his sneak attack ambush interviews, didn’t surprise Trump for the story he has taken to print and video. He interviewed Trump on the 25th floor of Trump Towers in New York this past Monday for 45 minutes.

An excerpt:

Mattera: You’re friendly with both Rush Limbaugh & Howard Stern. Are you the candidate that can bring those two constituencies together?

Trump: That’s probably tougher than the Republicans and the Democrats. The fact is Rush is a great guy, and I’ve know Rush for a long time and he’s fantastic. I just did a show last week, and he’s a special guy. What people don’t know about Rush, he really has an amazing heart. He’s got a big heart. And Howard is Howard. Now these are two different people from opposite ends of the world, but I’ve done Howard Stern’s show numerous times to promote, whether it’s Miss Universe pageants, or television shows, or the “Apprentice” with the great success of the “Apprentice.” But I’ve gotten to know Howard very well over the year, and he too, he’s a very different person when you take the mic away. And he also has a very big heart. Now people wouldn’t understand that about Howard. But these two guys they’re both giants, and they’re both at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both have great hearts. And when you get to know them they are not exactly what you expect to see on radio or on television.