“The District Dish” Hits One Year Anniversary

It’s a head-scratcher to describe “The District Dish”, a D.C. cable TV show starring Kate Michael. Michael is a former Miss D.C. and author of the “K Street Kate” blog. The show is a “lifestyle talk show” version of her blog.

This photograph was snapped at a live taping party last night. The taping marks the shows one-year anniversary.

Topics vary. Last night hosts sat down with Sophie Pyle of “Blond Charity Mafia” as well as Matt Paxton (as seen in the picture) of Clutter Cleaners, from A & E’s “Hoarders.” What’s the worst thing he’s ever seen hoarded? Answer: A guest who held onto–what else?–a bag of 20 dead rats.

The show is combination local news and “90210” (think Brandon Walsh as a newscaster). It is an unruly approach in which Michael and her co-hosts, Sonya Gavankar and Ebong Eka, interview guests in bars and restaurants around town. The chemistry amongst the three hosts may take time to gel. Michael is the perkyish host who tries to make everyone comfortable; Gavankar’s the in-your-face don’t try to mince words or I’ll chop your, um, legs off; and Eka goes with the flow (someone has to).

Pamela Sorensen, of “Pamela’s Punch”, was one of the original hosts of the show, but suddenly disappeared from the cast and let’s just say, is no longer shoe shopping with Michael.

To view a variety of episodes visit the Web site here. Check Comcast listings for new episodes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But watch for the steam and the kitchen noises … they are beautiful backdrops, but sometimes it’s impossible to hear the interview and you can easily miss gems such as one PR woman who says her company is “bad a–” — that’s why you should come to her parties (I had to replay three times to hear the quote.)

Pictured photograph taken by Patrick Ryan (www.snarkinfested.com).