The Digital Age and the Space Age Combine with Orbit(Film)

Let’s stop being so egotistical about Earth for a second. I mean, sure, we all enjoy living on the planet best capable of sustaining carbon-based life forms and, yeah, our ecosystem is varied and beautiful, providing us with aesthetic wonder and myriad, incredible species to admire but — do we ever stop to appreciate other neighbors in this vast cosmic suburb we call the Milky Way?

No, we don’t. Or not often enough at least. And what a shame that is.

Luckily for all of us the Kickstarter campaign for Orbit(Film) Astronaut Appreciation Society is giving everyone chance to demonstrate our love for those planets we don’t spend quite so much time thinking about.

Orbit(Film) is a collection of short films, dedicated to the different planets that make up our solar system. It takes the form of a single movie, split into a total of thirteen chapters, and is helmed by producers Mike Plante and Mark Elijah Rosenberg. Plante and Rosenberg, working with Cinemad and Rooftop Films, have drawn up an impressive list of talent, curating (and taking part themselves in) a unified selection of short movies that are all tied together through a united goal: the celebration of the Milky Way.

Drawing from disciplines like documentary, live-action fiction, archival footage and animation, the minds behind Orbit(Film) hope to capture the majesty of outer space while bringing everything back down to Earth (hee-hee) by relating each of the shorts to decidedly human interests in the cosmic. The project’s hope is to revel in the universe’s unique ability to inspire wonder and urge others (artists and scients alike) to continue exploring the unknown that lies just beyond our atmosphere.

There’s some serious cred behind Orbit(Film) that should help to get appropriate attention directed toward the project — some of the filmmakers involved include well-known indie names like Brian M. Cassidy, Melanie Shatsky, Kelly Sears, Travis Wilkerson and Brent Hoff — and some of the pieces selected have already appeared in prestigious film fests like The New York Film Festival and Sundance.

The modest amount of money that Cinemad and Rooftop Films is hoping to raise (only $5,000!) will go toward getting the (nearly complete) group of shorts ready for proper screenings and more. Rooftop Films, creators of the Kickstarter campign, need some extra dough to help finance the rights to NASA’s archival footage, the mastering of the final film and the creation of promotional posters, DVDs and exhibition copies.

Interested Kickstarter-ers can cough up a bit of dosh to become a member of the (wonderfully named) Astronaut Appreciation Society, earning cool swag and other rewards depending on their donation tier. These range from the modest (t-shirts, posters, tickets to advanced screenings) to the immense (free consultation with film co-producers, special credit on screen, a phone message from Neptune and more).

Like space? Like film? Like contributing to the arts? Well then, head over to Orbit(Film) Astronaut Appreciation Society on Kickstarter, the official webpage or Rooftop Films’ homepage to learn more. The project will be funded on Tuesday, July 19th at 5.00pm EST if the $5,000 goal is met.