The Difference Between Bashful Bush and Stern Bush


“So, What’s Up With Those Graphics?” Brian Montopoli asks designer James Morris on the Public Eye blog. Morris explains the trials and triumphs of creating the graphics that accompany CBS’s web stories. Sadly, says Morris, they spend all this time making serious graphics for serious news stories, and the stories people want to see most are the frivolous ones:

“These are the fluff pieces, the ones with dogs in pants, celebrities, and stupid criminals. There’s the cocaine baby food, the pizza bear, the Star Trek lunch box marijuana story, the Chinese dog-headed vet, the polygamist, the Winona bust, the asteroid airbag, and perhaps most abysmally…the gun-wielding German shepherd, featured at the beginning of this post.”

Guess what, there are links to all of those stories and we have to say, our hands down fav is Star Trek lunch box marijuana.