The Devil Makes Us Do It–CBS Plans for Armageddon

CBS, in an effort to grab the all-important market share of viewers who’ve lost all reason, has ordered a pilot of a drama with exorcism as its central theme. Producers Barbara Hall, a Humanitas winner, and Joe Roth, both of whom would seem to be old enough to know better, are basing this in part on the real-life (their words, not ours) experiences of Bob Larson and his Spiritual Freedom Conferences ministries.

On Bob’s website, you’re invited to buy LARSON’S BOOK OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE:

An encyclopedic handbook on all you need to know about demons, the devil, angels, deliverance, exorcism, satanism, the occult, witchcraft & psychic phenomena. It includes the latest information on:
Influence of witchcraft and paganism in today’s culture.
Warnings about activities leading to demonic bondage.
Biblical foundation for understanding spiritual warfare.
Satanic possession and how to perform an exorcism.

Oddly enough, there’s no mention of a glow-in-the dark decoder ring.

Back in May, ABC news took a look at Bob in action and got this quote:

More people are possessed today than ever have been in history.

We agree, but not in the way he thinks. Besides losing the eyeballs of believers, unbelievers,Wiccas, Pagans, and oh, anyone else with a brain in his head, CBS continues on its downmarket path. Les Moonves must be preparing for the coming Rapture. Trust us, Les, God’s not on your side with this idea.

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