The Design Public Meets Its Public

Not so much a cutting-edge, investigative report with this one, but more of a “here’s someone cool doing cool stuff.” It’s an interview with Amber Nussbaum on The Design Public Blog. The site does a really terrific feature wherein they interview “a customer,” someone who has talked about their site, and in return, they interview them. That’s the case with Amber, who is a designer in Norfolk, Virginia. In the interview, she talks about her work, how she got into blogging, and what inspires her inventive side projects, among other topics. It’s a really interesting piece, just a slice of Design Americana, and perfect for a late Friday afternoon. Here’s some:

Why did I start blogging? I’m not sure. Post high-school graduation boredom? Probably. I didn’t even know what I was doing at the time, or that other people were doing the same thing. Web design was something I’d discovered earlier that year when I’d found Geocities, and taught myself some HTML. I remember having a Geocities page with a black background and lots of chartreuse and orange, and posting music news about bands I liked. Then it developed into me posting different opinions, pictures of my paintings and crappy poetry. I don’t think the point was for anyone else to read it, but just to put myself out there into the internet. I wanted a space. I mean, I was an artist, right? I needed a gallery.