The Design Museum and Dezeen Offer Up Some Serious Zaha Hadid


Zaha Hadid-loving site, Dezeen, has just landed itself a sweet gig. They’ve put together a blog in conjunction with London’s Design Museum for her new exhibit, “Architecture + Design,” which will be opening there come June 29th. You’ll be in Zaha heaven, if she’s your thing. It’s, in part, about the planning stages of the exhibit, with interviews from the staff helping to put it together and loads of great photos, as well as just miscellaneous projects Hadid is working in elsewhere in the world (which is nearly everywhere these days — look around your home right now, as she’s probably even building something there, just for fun). We think the site’s great, as it provides Dezeen with an ability to write more about the starchitect, but it’s also a terrific move for the Design Museum, getting into that whole open environment that is this here internet. If it was your idea, Deyan, we congratulate you on a smart move.