The Democrats’ Crafty Side

We are highly amused by all the crafty, DIY projects that feature Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama or even play off the campaign’s theme (Denyse Schmidt has a very abstract quilt that reads “Yes, We Can” in different red, white and blue iterations). Back in the primaries, we saw a machine knitted dress in praise of Obama, so it was only a matter of time that we get a sweater, designed by Laura Birek, that can be found on her website. Wouldn’t you know it, but she recommends that you use Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Solid, named after famed crocheter Vanna White? To be fair, we haven’t seen anything quite as interesting and colorful for John McCain from his supporters, and we’ve been searching madly something comparable for his VP, Sarah Palin. Wait! There was that extra-large lipstick that a supporter showed Mrs. Palin at a recent rally. That counts as DIY. It’s only a matter of days ’til that shows up on a handmade scarf on Ravelry.