The Debates: The Headlines

The headlines of various newspapers around the country this morning:

Newsday: Tough Talk
New York Daily news: Friday Night Lights
New York Post: First Strike
New York Times: Rivals Display Stark Contrast In Clashes On War and Economy
Washington Post: In First Debate, Candidates Quarrel on Iraq, Express Optimism on Bailout
Washington Times: Obama, McCain spar in 1st Debate
Los Angeles Times: Obama, McCain Differ Sharply On Foreign Policy
Sacramento Bee: Rivals Collide on War, Economy
San Diego Union Tribune: Candidates Square Off On Economic Criss, Iraq
San Francisco Chronicle: Economy and War Dominate Debate
Rocky Mountain News: Hot Night at Ole Miss
Chicago Tribune: Worlds Apart
Houston Chronicle: Candidates Clash On Bailout, Global Affairs
Philadelphia Inquirer: Friday Night Fight
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Fast and Furious Start
Boston Globe: McCain, Obama Clash Sharply On Financial Crisis, War Policy
Arizona Republic: Economy hot topic in close 1st debate
Newark Star-Ledger: Debate of intense exchanges
Atlanta Journal Constitution: Economy, Iraq dominate night
Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Toe to toe, but no KO
Seattle Times: Exchange of blows on economy, war
St. Petersburg Times: McCain calls Obama naive on 1st debate
Baltimore Sun: First Clash
Portland Oregonian: 90 minutes of sharp jabs
Miami Herald: Opening Round
Kansas City Star: Economy, bailout dominate first presidential face off
Pittsburg Post-Gazette: Obama, McCain square off as bailout talks drag on
Indianapolis Star: Sparks fly on debate stage
Detroit Free-Press: No knockout punch in Round One
Columbust Dispatch: McCain, Obama on attack in first debate
Orange County Register: A pointed opener
Des Moines Register: Candidates spar over economy, Iraq, Iran