The DC’s Alexis Levinson Jumps to Roll Call

Alexis Levinson, formerly of The Daily Caller, will now cover Senate races for Roll Call, Editor-in-Chief Christina Bellantoni announced today. Levinson had a similar beat at The DC, breaking news about Rep. Phil Gingrey’s Senate campaign staff exodus and traveling to New Hampshire and South Carolina to cover the presidential race.

Bellantoni also announced that Kyle Trygstad has been promoted to Associate Politics Editor. He will continue to serve as lead reporter on Senate campaigns as well.

Allie Robinson was also brought over from CQ as a Copy Editor. Check out the whole memo after the jump…

Hi everyone,

Wanted to formally share the news I mentioned to the team at our staff meeting this morning.
At the start of our new fiscal year, it seems appropriate to celebrate record traffic and all the terrific work that’s been happening in our newsroom. 
Make sure to bookmark, follow (and tweet) Hannah Hess‘ new blog, Hill Blotter, which will have election results tonight from the DC mayoral and Ward 6 primaries. As I am sure you have noticed, Hannah is one of the most prolific reporters on our team and the blog will give her even more room to run in her role as Roll Call’s “Eyes and ears on campus.”  
And I also wanted to tell everyone that later this month, we’ll be at a full staff, and growing even larger.
We’ll start with Team Politics and this update from Shira. 
Alexis Levinson will join the staff on April 21. She will work with Kyle, Emily and Abby to cover Senate races and the expanding playing field that will determine who controls that chamber next Congress. 
Alexis comes to Roll Call from the Daily Caller, where she had a similar beat, breaking news about Rep. Phil Gingrey’s Senate campaign staff exodus and traveling to New Hampshire and South Carolina to cover the presidential race. During the interview process she impressed us with her writing style, sharp ideas and strong sourcing.
She is also a triathlete and former rugby player. Welcome her to the team! (@alexis_levinson)
Now, more great news: Kyle has been promoted to associate politics editor of Roll Call. Over the last couple months, he has more than proven himself as a nimble proxy with a cautious eye. He’ll continue to write as our lead reporter on Senate campaigns and help Shira guide our campaign coverage.
Abby and Emily will continue their detailed and enterprising coverage of House races. Abby will pen our “Shop Talk” column (are you following @RCShopTalk?), breaking news about hires and fires all over the campaign world for the duration of the cycle.  She will also take the lead on a to-be-determined regular feature on campaign advertisements. Emily will continue to cover the House race beat she has been mastering all cycle.
Shira, still holding down the fort in Roll Call’s Cambridge bureau, will be in Washington on April 21 and 22 to officially welcome Alexis to the team and help train CQ folks on our blogging platform.
Together, Team Politics will continue Roll Call’s long and strong tradition of campaign coverage that’s proven instrumental to our loyal readers on and off of Capitol Hill.
And I am also very excited to announce that we’re adding another Copy Editor to the Roll Call team.
Allie Robinson, who has been working on the CQ side for several years, will join the Roll Call copy desk on April 14. She will take the lead with policy coverage, including the regular Policy Focus section, and work with Cameron, Cyra, Chris and Kaitie on editing and publishing stories for and the print editions.
Allie started at the company in January 2011 as a freelancer and has been with us full time since that summer. She has been working on Health Beat and Budget Tracker, is already familiar with our publishing system and is well regarded by her colleagues. Dave Meyers noted she played a key role in editing and producing multiple CQ News products and keeping the CQ copy/web production organized during a period of redefinition.
She will be getting married later this spring, and then her last name will change to Sandstrom. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Allie to the Roll Call side.
Thanks everyone for your continued efforts to make Roll Call a critical part of the Capitol Hill community.
Cheers, Christina