The Day of Silent, Quick Paying Clients Is At Hand!


Mike Runbdle, over at BusinessLogs, has a terrific post about the way he’s been seeing the world of the freelance designer changing. There’s more work, clients’ power is diminishing, and the whole direction of the business is moving in favor of the designer. We, also, have seen this happening, personally, but there’s that other more rational/cynical side of us that wonders if this isn’t some gigantic change in the industry, than rather with ourselves. You feel like you and everyone you know is getting more work because, with every job you do, you’re becoming more familiar, branching out more, etc. That’s another side of this, we think. But regardless, Rundle’s essay is terrific, particularly in the section about not taking on lousy projects, which we’ve also been trying to avoid like the plague. Here’s a bit of “Power Polarities in the Design Business:”

Even though the consulting business is based on the idea of peer-business, where a company is paying a person for a service with both parties on the same respect plane, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed or spoken with clients who assumed they were “above me” for whatever reason. For some reason, some companies feel as though “giving designers a project” is like charity work, where if they didn’t give us money to work then we’d starve or live out on the street or something. It is this attitude that causes so many friends of mine to hate clients and hate client work, simply because they had terrible experiences with the wrong types of clients and companies.