The day in LAT-bashing

Wow, it’s a big day for attacking the Times. Mostly because of Bob Scheer.

– Mike Davis turns down an op-ed assignment and refuses to ever grace the LAT with his presence, in solidarity with Robert Scheer. (link via L.A. Observed)

– ex-LAT book editor/op-ed deputy editor Steve Wasserman — apparently a former researcher for Scheer— contributes a piece to Scheer’s new web project truthdig eviscerating his former employer (the LAT, not Scheer). It’s worth reading in its entirety, but here’s an excerpt:

The Los Angeles Times offers an instructive example. It finds itself beset by three separate if overlapping crises: The first is the general crisis of confidence confronted by the entire profession as it grapples with technological change that dramatically alters the way news is delivered; the second is the crisis occasioned by the consequences of the paper’s acquisition by the Chicago-based Tribune Co., and the third is the crisis of identity caused by the changing demographics and political economy of its circulation area in Southern California, a region of some 18 million people that stretches from San Diego in the south to Santa Barbara in the north. These crises have combined to produce near-desperate measures on the part of the paper’s owners and managers. The resulting spectacle is exemplary.

Not sure I completely agree with Wasserman, but he gets points for thoughtfulness. And big words.

– Over at, Oscar bloggers respond to Patrick Goldstein’s blogga-hata (did I just coin that?) piece in yesterday’s paper. Some of them agree that maybe he kinda sort has a point; others call him names.