The day in deals: Crazy dogs, hot dogs & …Chris Weitz?

Chris Weitz returns as director of “His Dark Materials” based on Philip Pullman‘s novel of the same name. Anand Tucker departs over “creative differences” with New Line.

— Despite the storm of pork and hatred that seem to accompany financier Bob Yari everywhere he goes, Nicolas Cage will star in “Crazy Dog” for Yari Film Group. Joe Ruben‘s set to direct, from screenplay by Henry Bean and Nick Kazan.

— Also at New Line, Dax Shepard will star in “The Retreat” – “a comedy about a hot dog vendor turned corporate suit who discovers a co-worker plotting against him at a company retreat.”

This choice piece of tubesteak will be directed by “The Hot Chick” director Tom Brady with a screenplay by “King of the Hill”‘s Alans Cohen and Freedland, or as they’ll no doubt be known ever-after, ‘the Alans.’